IMG_7655 La Giralda is a family run Company located in Seville´s old town. For more than 100 years we have been running our business in nr.3, Alemanes St, just in front of Seville´s Cathedral.

Devoted to touristic souvenirs since 1953, we have developed our own products along the years. We produce souvenirs that represent a beautiful remembrance of your stay in Seville.

With our patented original designs, that are the result of years of experience , our customers remain completely satisfied in a way that they come back to our shop when they return to Seville.

postal-tlgA fine after-sales service for years have also contribute to our long durability in the market.

Our customers are highly satisfied with their acquisitions as we guarantee local production systems.

pilow-la-giraldaFor us packaging is also very important: our products come wrapped in soft tissue paper and are sent inside a pillow case.